Adventure Mindful Kids Camp

Our Run Mindful Team has put on retreats together for ten years and we are in awe of the amazing community we’ve connected with during our retreats. We want the positive impact to continue to expand and grow, and are very excited about these two new offerings this year!

Kids Camp

We want “Run Mindful” and “Adventure Mindful” to be open to everyone including parents and kids. We’re excited to announce a new offering of “Kids Camp” at Adventure/Run Mindful Retreats. Bring the kids along to discover the magic of adventure and mindfulness through a separate kids camp where they can connect with other young adventurers for nature hiking, creative activities, farm animals, embodiment & expression, curiosity & wonder and outdoor play. We want the whole family to be supported through adventure and connection to nature.

Please Note: The kids camp will take place on the same property but be in a separate area so that adults can enjoy time for themselves and kids can have space to play and connect with each other.

Adventure Mindful Retreat for Families

  • Adventure – Every day will have nature-based adventure activities to explore our capacity for play and exploration, as well as to enjoy challenging ourselves in nature.
  • Nature Connection – The retreat is held on our 12-acre property “Wonderland Farm” with both wild forest and open meadow landscapes with our hobby farm of gardens and farm animals. We also back up to wilderness with public access that expands for several million acres of wild land. Our workshops are all grounded in connection to nature.
  • Community – Come enjoy a wonderful weekend away and connect with a greater community of people passionate about adventure and nature. The friendships that have formed at our retreats have spanned ten years and include traveling across the country to stay in connection and support adventures like 100-mile races together. 
  • Nourishment – Enjoy open space for yourself to be nourished with healthy food, physical movement and quiet time in nature. Enjoy time for nourishing activities like bonfires, music, sauna, farm-to-table food, wanderings and meditation.
  • Personal Empowerment – Through workshops and experiential practices, there is opportunity for getting to know yourself deeper and to appreciate your own inherent wisdom and gifts for deeper connection and nurturing of yourself. We invite you to live a wild, free, true, bold, beautiful life with full permission to be the truest version of yourself.
  • Integration & Embodiment – We hold our retreats through the lens of supporting the whole person – body, heart, mind, spirit and soul. Often we feel like only certain parts of ourselves can be present depending on where or who we are with and this limits our full expression. We want to provide support for connection with your whole self, all of the beautiful parts that make up who you are and to support embodiment and expression of this whole, integrated self.

Additional Information

  • Ages: Kids Camp is open to ages 3 and older.
    • But….if you have a child that is younger than three years old, feel free to reach out to us and we’re happy to try to connect you with local resources for childcare.
  • Cost: Kids Camp will cost $300 per child. We will offer a 15% sibling discount for registering multiple children. Cost includes three healthy meals per day, daily childcare and adventure mindfulness kids programming.
  • Hours: Kids Camp will be during the daytime hours only and parents will be responsible for their children in the late afternoon and overnight. We will share a more detailed schedule but tentatively we’re planning Kids Camp hours: Thursday 4-6:30p, Friday 8a-4p, Saturday 8a-3p, Sunday 8a-3p. 
  • Family: Our intention for Adventure Mindful Kids Camp is to support the whole family and the program is currently only open to kids who are attending the retreat with an adult.