Integration & Embodiment Coaching

Krista Marie Olson

Nature-Based Embodiment Coaching

I am passionate about helping people find the authentic version of themselves that is wild, true, safe, embodied, empowered and integrated. I find strength and resourcing in mother nature, trail running, plants, animals, family/community, the moon, parenting, adventure, reading, ideas, and creativity. The core values of my sessions include Wilderness & Nature as Resource, Integration & Whole-Person, and Embodiment Practices. Through the support of whole-person healing which includes body, heart, mind, spirit and soul, we hold space to help you remember the wisdom that you already hold within yourself.

Feel free to schedule here:, or to connect via @wildfreewanders & [email protected]

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Timothy Allen Olson

Holistic Coaching

I would be honored to work with you as a breathwork facilitator, meditation guide and integration coach, who incorporates a transpersonal approach to health, sport and holistic wellbeing. This is for athletes wanting to connect deeper with themselves through 1:1 sessions that includes resources like processing of core beliefs, breathwork and non ordinary states of consciousness, and nature emergence. All of these practices help you to be more intentional with your activities, using them as activations to learn, heal and grow and forge new ways of being, allowing your true nature of presence to flow freely.

Connect with me via @timothyallenolson & [email protected].

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