Nature-Based Embodiment Coaching

My name is Krista Marie Olson and I am a Nature-Based Embodiment Coach.

I am passionate about helping people find the authentic version of themselves that is wild, true, safe, embodied, empowered and integrated. I find strength and resourcing in mother nature, trail running, plants, animals, family/community, the moon, parenting, adventure, reading, ideas, and creativity. My family and I live in Southern Oregon on a 12-acre property where we have lots of animals and gardens – all a work in progress and every day is an adventure. The core values of my sessions include Wilderness & Nature as Resource, Integration & Whole-Person, and Embodiment Practices. If this connects with you, I would love to do a complimentary intro session together.

Feel free to schedule here:, or to connect via @wildfreewanders & [email protected]

Wilderness & Nature as Resource

Mother Nature and all her strength and beauty is at the heart of my own personal and professional healing journey. My practice includes resourcing tools inspired by nature through visualization and creativity, as well as physical experiences in wilderness and inspiring natural settings that can help us feel held, supported, grounded, and safe. Healing centered on nature has been woven through many cultures and traditions which may surface during sessions as is personally supportive to each client’s beliefs and values. Examples of nature inspired personal support might include: connection to animals, the four elements, ayurvedic approaches, seasonal rhythms and moon cycles, creating ritual, plants as medicine, and gifts or synchronicities from nature. 

Integration & Whole-Person

Appreciating the beauty of all of the parts of yourself can create a life of vibrant authenticity. Through the support of whole-person healing which includes body, heart, mind, spirit and soul, we hold space to help you remember the wisdom that you already hold within yourself. We can acknowledge and bring together the versions of yourself that have lived throughout your life, including the inner child and inner teenager, and integrate past memories and challenges. We will explore how different spaces and settings in your life bring up parts of yourself and bring them together for the emergence of a more authentic, truer sense of self that holds strength and ease in all moments of life.


Healing through the body and heart is a powerful point of access. When we allow ourselves to feel the physical sensations of the body and the emotional experience of the heart, we can process through our pain in a deeper and powerful way. The body holds trauma and stress, and by tuning in and feeling those physical sensations, we can release the old tensions and pain, while simultaneously encouraging healing and opening up expression. Embodiment can also include movement practices like dance, yoga, stretching, breathwork, exercise and adventure. Strengthening our capacity to feel is everything. When we stop numbing or escaping the pain in our lives, we start to feel it all, both the pain and the pleasure. 

Personal Note: Embodiment has been a powerful and challenging path for me through autoimmune health issues (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in every joint of my body since the age of four) and two miscarriages. For over twenty years, I was on powerful pain medications that numbed my capacity to feel. During the last decade, I have practiced holistic healing modalities to heal through my arthritis and miscarriages, while bringing myself to experience the full spectrum of sensation, both pain and pleasure in every moment of my life.


I am passionate about helping people find the authentic version of themselves that is wild, true, safe, embodied, and integrated. I am excited to work with anyone that wants support and to be held in their own personal journey of self-discovery.


I am honored to walk alongside your journey of motherhood and to provide support for mothers through big transitions including birth, miscarriage, baby loss, postpartum depression or anxiety, and all the moments where a new version of ourselves emerges. It’s easy to miss this moment of our former and new identity merging, especially when we’re sleep deprived, overstimulated and holding the needs of everyone in our family. This is such a challenging, beautiful, and transformative moment, and I’m passionate about helping mamas “find space to be me”. 

Personal Note: I hold deep joy and delight in being a mama to three incredible children – two boys (11 & 7) and a little girl (2). We homeschool with a deep emphasis on nature, adventure, mindfulness, and giving lots of space just to be free, playful, and get to know who we are. My journey to motherhood has so much joy but also had two heartbreaking miscarriages before having our rainbow baby little girl. I would be honored to help you be a more true version of yourself as you navigate motherhood.

Adventure Athletes

With wilderness and mother nature being at the heart of my life, I am excited to support you in your athletic endeavors. When you are training for a race or adventure, you are entering into an extraordinary state of being. Often in long training runs and in awe-inspiring landscapes, where our bodies and minds have the freedom and expansion to move and express, we shake everything up inside of our identity which allows the surfacing of memories, physical experiences, emotions, knowing & intuition, and creativity & ideas. In active movement, we also have challenges like building fitness, working through injury, and cultivating mental endurance. Adventure athletic endeavors are life-changing moments in your life, and embodiment coaching can be the support system to allow yourself to be seen and held, and to allow for all of the experiences to sequence through and be given the full opportunity for everything that emerges along the journey to deepen and integrate. 

Personal Note: My daily self-care practice and passion is trail running and I have enjoyed ultra running (up to 100 miles!) all over the world. This adventure sport helps me be an alive, vibrant version of myself, and is an amazing practice in mindfulness and embodiment. I co-founded Run Mindful Retreats, with my husband, where we introduce trail runners to mindfulness and meditation.


  • Certified Embodiment Coach from the Highest Self Institute
  • Somatic Soul Based Trauma Training by the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute
  • Masters Level Classes from Naropa University in Mindfulness Based Practices and Transpersonal Counseling
  • BA in Psychology from the University of San Diego

Therapeutic Practice Influences: Gestalt, Hakomi, Internal Family Systems (Parts Work), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Attachment Theory, Shamanic Nature Practices

Pricing and Session Information

Sessions can be held virtually or in-person in Southern Oregon.

  • Individual 60-min Sessions $75
  • Individual 90-min Sessions $100
  • 1-Month** Coaching Package $350
  • 3-Month** Coaching Package $900

If cost is a limiting factor, I am happy to work out a sliding scale. Everyone deserves support to be their truest, most beautiful self and I would be honored to support you.

**1-Month Coaching Package is 4 regular scheduled 90-min sessions and 3-Month Coaching Package is 12 regular scheduled 90-min sessions.