Run Mindful Ambassador Program

In 2015, Run Mindful was created as an avenue to share our values of mindfulness, running and healthy living. As we have connected with runners from around the world during the Run Mindful retreats, we’ve seen how a strong voice in a community can influence how people think about mindfulness. As the Run Mindful team cannot visit every city to speak about our journey to mindfulness, we’ve decided to identify runners who embody the mindful virtues we value and empower them to be the voice of mindfulness within their community.  

Run Mindful started as a passion project. We believe in mindfulness as key to healthy living and want this message to reach as vast an audience as possible. Thus, it is with great excitement that we are launching the Run Mindful Ambassador program. The Ambassador program will help further connections between our running communities and highlight the amazing people who are already spreading these positive messages.

Please Note: The 2019 Run Mindful Ambassadors have been selected. Feel free to apply online here for the 2020 Run Mindful Ambassador program and we will get in touch with you at the end of this year as we begin the 2020 ambassador program application process.

Role of Run Mindful Ambassador:

  • Share running and mindfulness with your community as it makes sense for you. We want this to be an organic process, so utilize the means best fit for your personality and your social sphere.
    • Examples are group runs or yoga sessions, social media, guided meditations and group talks, or word of mouth campaigns.   
    • The goal is to involve people in your community to pair movement and mindfulness in the best method for your personality.
    • We want to hear from you on the best means to spread the word within your community. The possibilities are endless.
  • Attend group workshops where tips and feedback are gathered and collaborate with other ambassadors about progress
  • Represent the values of Run Mindful within your community and in your social media presence.
  • Engage with and support other Ambassadors in your area for group events.
  • Provide feedback to the Run Mindful leadership team on mindfulness initiatives in your community.
  • Maintain availability for regular touchpoints with the Lead Ambassador and Run Mindful Leadership team.
  • Continually demonstrate positive energy with your Run Mindful interactions within your community.
  • Be open to speaking on the role mindfulness plays in your life and ways you use mindfulness with people in your community, other Run Mindful ambassadors or retreat attendees.

Benefits of Run Mindful Ambassador:

  • Discounted Run Mindful retreat attendance fees with prioritized ticket sales
    • Invitation to private Ambassador happy hour at attended retreats
    • Potential to share your you Mindfulness story with retreat attendees
    • Priority Run Leader Opportunities
  • Swag from our amazing sponsors
  • Opportunities for fully comped Run Mindful retreats (travel and lodging excluded) in the Ambassador Excellence program
  • Ability to host Run Mindful local pop-up events
  • Run Mindful Ambassador Workshops (bi-annual, remotely) to continue your own personal development with mindfulness
  • Interaction with group of diverse global ambassadors network  
  • Support from Run Mindful leadership team to drive improvements in ambassador program